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We deliver an essential collection of game metrics, out of the box. Everything becomes available from the moment you integrate, without any setup.

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Fast & easy integration

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Collect, Access and Distribute

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Our free platform enables you to track and analyze your data, without limits. Build your own custom dashboards and share the exciting insights with your team.

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Our platform is entirely focused on games and delivers features that make understanding all aspects of your game, an easy task.

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Invest your time in what’s important: developing your game; and let us provide you with the analytics platform you need.

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We’ve done all the hard work to get you all the reports you need from the moment you integrate.

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Create your own reports with ease, and share them with your team and stakeholders.

The right tool

We’ve set-up workbench features (like Cohorts and Funnels) to add even more depth to your analysis.


Get the minute by minute report on your new & concurrent players along with events received.


Get a clear view of your acquisition campaigns and understand where your players are coming from.


Measure your game’s retention and see how much time players spend playing it.


Get reports on the real-money transactions in your game and gain insights into your 1st monetizers’ profiles.


Easily track your players’ progression and know where your players are hitting the wall.


Balance report of your in-game currencies that gives a clear view of what players are sinking and sourcing.

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The better analytics you get, the deeper you understand your game from players’ eyes.

The easier you analyze what you see from those eyes, the better your game becomes. GameAnalytics solves it all, period.


GameAnalytics is an essential tool to help us understand how people are playing Crossy Road.

It gives us a good insight into what players like best, their favourite characters, and it also shows us where they are having trouble. The dashboards and custom reporting features are great, and what I really like the most is the fantastic support from the GA team who are keen on helping us succeed. I really appreciate all of their help.


Moving over to GameAnalytics has been a game changer for Dirtybit.

It gives us great insight and valuable reports for keeping track of our portfolio. With funnels and real-time monitoring we can iterate faster and improve our games at a much higher rate than anytime before. It’s super easy to set up, so give it a try if you haven’t already.


GameAnalytics has proven to be a great tool for us in Zombie Catchers.

We get all the analytics we need in one neat package. Monitoring player engagement and behaviour in real time, and deep-diving into any gameplay data we need is super easy.


Experts in Game Analytics

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They’re always available to help you build a great foundation for analyzing all possible aspects of your game, and get the most out of the data you collect.

Experts in Game Analytics

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