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Our powerful tool is completely free to use. And we don’t limit the amount of data you can send to our blazing fast Amazon Redshift servers.

All about games

We offer 80% of the metrics and dimensions that any game analysis should entail out of the box upon instrumentation, and cover the rest through custom events and dimensions.

Cross-platform compatible

It’s easy to get started with our easy-to-integrate SDKs for iOS, Android, and Rest API for server-to-server integration and direct connections to relational databases.

Drill deeper into your data

Explore our rich, pre-populated dashboards, or build your own custom dashboards with the data that is most important to you. Player segments also provide powerful insights into your players’ behavior.

Crossy Road
HipsterWhale | Crossy Road

GameAnalytics is an essential tool to help us understand how people are playing Crossy Road - we love it!

Retain & monetize your players

Mine insights from the data you track - see how often your players return and engage with your game, and understand exactly which virtual items and in-game content motivate your players to make purchases.

Ball King
Qwiboo | Ball King

GameAnalytics is great in helping us to understand what content players like. With the data we get from our dashboards, we’re able to focus on expanding the offer in the right direction.

Add context to your data

Compare your game to the industry with app store rank data, and use benchmarks to see how your game stacks up against the 5,800+ others that use GameAnalytics. With our attribution partnership you also get all of your attribution data in one crisp dashboard.

Jelly Jump
Wildroad Games | Jelly Jump

GameAnalytics gives us a deeper understanding of our game from a player’s perspective, without all the hard work.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes

GameAnalytics has an SDK you can install on every major mobile platform, and our friendly support team is prepared for any questions you might have.