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About us

GameAnalytics exists to help developers make better games. Gaming is our lifeblood and our software is designed solely with game development in mind.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but our team is international. Read more about the individuals involved below.

Management & Founders

Analysts & Advisors

  • Anders Drachen

    Anders Drachen

    Lead Game Analyst

  • Dr. Kristian Kersting

    Dr. Kristian Kersting

    Advisor, Data Mining

  • Rune Vendler

    Rune Vendler

    Game Director, Hapti.co (Square Enix)

  • Alessandro Canossa

    Alessandro Canossa

    Advisor, Advanced Game
    Metrics & Spatial Analysis

  • Prof. Christian Bauckhage

    Prof. Christian Bauckhage

    Advisor, Pattern Recognition

  • Martin Stockfleth Larsen

    Martin Stockfleth Larsen

    Chief Marketing Officer, Adform


  • Jimmy Maymann

    Jimmy Maymann

    CEO, Huffington Post

  • Anil Hansjee

    Anil Hansjee

    Angel & Advisor

  • Michael Arrington

    Michael Arrington

    Partner, CrunchFund

  • Roberto Saint-Malo

    Roberto Saint-Malo

    Managing Partner, BetaAngels SA

  • Rene Rechtman

    Rene Rechtman

    President International, Maker Studios Inc

  • Tommy Ahlers

    Tommy Ahlers

    CEO, Podio

  • Jimmy Fussing Nielsen

    Jimmy Fussing Nielsen

    Managing Partner, Sunstone Capital

  • Christian Dörffer

    Christian Dörffer

    Managing Partner, BetaAngels