• FRVR Interview

    From 0 to 2 Million DAU: An Interview with FRVR

    Editor’s note: It’s one thing to devote years of your life to building games. It’s another thing altogether to turn these creations into a business success, time after time. FRVR has a proven track record of doing exactly that. This innovative studio has released 7 games so far, with another 15 in production for Q2 […]

  • Microphone

    Getting into Free to Play Games: Lone Stone Studios Interview

    There’s nothing like learning from the experience of other developers. That’s why we went ahead and interviewed a young mobile game studio who’s working on their first Free to Play title, City Invaders. We got in touch with Pierrick, the company’s co-founder. He shares his experience getting a mobile game studio started. Following on our recent […]

  • Our Top 10 Mobile Games That You (Probably) Haven’t Already Played

    Now that 2016 has officially (and mercifully) been declared over, we thought we’d kick off the New Year with something more uplifting: a look back at some of the best, but less conspicuous games from last year. Many of these games released in the latter half of 2016. They’re true hidden gems and if you […]

  • What Analysing 400+ Games Has Taught Us

    Each year brings with it a set of new fads in gaming, some make it, some falter, but one question is ever present: what makes a game successful? In an attempt to answer this, we looked at the evolution of key game metrics over 90 days after launch, across 415 games released in 2014 and spreading across multiple genres and platforms.

  • From the Bench share their experience with GameAnalytics and AppsFlyer!

    As some of you might have heard, GameAnalytics and AppsFlyer have partnered up, to bring game developers an exceptional analytics and attribution solution. By integrating the two tools, game developers will be able to get the full picture of where their players come from and how the different cohorts convert and monetize. This provides great […]

  • Quit the Grind: Other Ways to “Level”

    In many RPGs you reach a point when battles are neither novel nor challenging, when you’re just going through the motions for gold or experienceーalso known as grinding. It can kill any momentum the game had going, and it turns play into work. The problem is that grinding is hard to avoid in the standard […]

  • If Vainglory Doesn’t Make it, No One Will

    In short: Vainglory is without a doubt the best MOBA that has or will be made for touch screen devices. It’s a giant fish in a very small pond that is the MOBA category on touchscreen devices. If the pond grows into an ocean, it’s only because of this game. Super Evil Megacorp’s (SEM) Vainglory […]

  • Soft touches on Clash of Clans monetization

    I’ve met a lot of fellow free-to-play-game developers recently and talking about games always eventually turns to monetization. Talking about monetization inevitably turns to the big successes in the market, including Clash of Clans. I love Clash’s monetization design, as it’s very simple to understand from the player’s perspective. It doesn’t enforce payment at any […]

  • Interview: Bo Behrmann Cool on User Acquisition and Grow

    GameAnalytics has recently launched Grow: the user acquisition agency for mobile games, driven by experts and data insights. We though the best way to deliver the news and details about it is to have a chat with one of the experts behind this service, Bo Behrmann Cool, user acquisition manager. In this interview, Bo talks about how we handle things at Grow and imparts some awesome wisdom about user acquisition strategies and best practices.