• 3 steps to improve your game’s graphics

    We have a strong tendency to judge a book by its cover. It takes but a split-second for our opinion of a website or any visual design to be tinted. Positively or negatively. Coming up with both an appealing art direction and some efficient UX design is no easy task. When someone discovers your game, […]

  • Tips for a Great First Time User Experience (FTUE) in F2P Games

    Someone has chosen your app over the 1,500,000 other apps in the App Store or on Google Play. That’s fantastic! The next couple of moments after a user downloads a free-to-play (F2P) game are critical. Users are fickle and it takes a compelling introduction to keep them coming back. Worse yet, the cost of downloading […]

  • game developer ressources

    21 Free Learning Resources for Game Developers

    Good learning resources are hard to find. Especially if you’re seeking free content. The internet is filled with content creators, all looking to grab your attention. As an entrepreneur, I’m fond of collecting and sorting resources. I want to focus my time and my mind on courses that are worth the investment. Although we love […]

  • How to do an Efficient Game Test

    We would love to think that our creations provide a great experience from the get-go. That they are rock-solid, that we don’t need to run tedious series of Beta test sessions. But we have a terrible bias in favor of what we do. We invest so much time and energy into our work that it […]

  • 11 Tips to Speed Up your Game Design Process

    At the start of a project, everything has yet to be done. There are loads of tasks at hand, and it is hard to tackle them in the right order. As a game designer, our job involves some writing. Often a lot of writing. The large, almighty Game Design Document is a myth. I am […]

  • Game Accessibility article banner

    How to expand your audience with Game Accessibility

    We make games for others to enjoy. We want to reach the largest amounts of players possible within our target group. There are many decisions we can take in our design process to improve the feel of our game. We can invest time on the core mechanics, the aesthetics, and the sound design. All that is of great […]

  • Why habit formation is the key to long term retention

    Forenote: The goal of this article is to give you pointers about how habits work, beyond good and evil. It tries to depict some unconcious habit-related mechanisms that come into play in our games. Only that way can we get a better grasp of how we function from a psychological standpoint – and take design decisions in consequence, aware of the consequences of our […]

  • 16 Reasons Why Players Are Leaving Your Game

    Players leave games. According to Marc Robinson’s 2013 GDC talk, “On average, less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session.”     And as you know, our first duty as professional game designers is to create compelling experiences. We make games for the players to enjoy and play! If […]

  • Game Analytics for game developers

    Squeezing more juice out of your game design!

    So you’ve made a great core game. The mechanics are rock solid, the first time user flow feels great and people can understand how to play, but somehow your game doesn’t feel quite right. Since gamers first began interacting with controllers, designers have struggled to make experiences feel better, this adaptation of your games feel is often […]

  • How to Create Immersive Game Intros

    Your game’s intro can make or break its retention. Nathan Lovato offers tips on how to get your players through the intro and make sure they stay long enough to get a taste of the best your game has to offer.