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  • game developer ressources

    21 Free Learning Resources for Game Developers

    Good learning resources are hard to find. Especially if you’re seeking free content. The internet is filled with content creators, all looking to grab your attention. As an entrepreneur, I’m fond of collecting and sorting resources. I want to focus my time and my mind on courses that are worth the investment. Although we love […]

  • Know your players

    Why now’s the time to get to know your players

    Marketing is a dirty word within the walls of many independent developers. Even for those who acknowledge it’s something they should be doing, it’s still often a task tackled right at the last minute – a reluctant last tick on a checklist. As with any job handled in a half hearted manner, however, it often […]

  • clashofclans-1

    16 Reasons Why Players Are Leaving Your Game

    Players leave games. According to Marc Robinson’s 2013 GDC talk, “On average, less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session.”     And as you know, our first duty as professional game designers is to create compelling experiences. We make games for the players to enjoy and play! If […]

  • Game Analytics for game developers

    Squeezing more juice out of your game design!

    So you’ve made a great core game. The mechanics are rock solid, the first time user flow feels great and people can understand how to play, but somehow your game doesn’t feel quite right. Since gamers first began interacting with controllers, designers have struggled to make experiences feel better, this adaptation of your games feel is often […]

  • data

    Data Visualization in Games

    Data visualization augments cognition. Data visualization provides new insights; data visualization teaches the reader. Games, at their core, are all about learning: spatial, temporal, motor, and sometimes even intellectual. You learn how to play within a game’s rule-set, and to improve you learn. Once you completely master a game to the core, it ceases to […]

  • vaingloryblog

    If Vainglory Doesn’t Make it, No One Will

    In short: Vainglory is without a doubt the best MOBA that has or will be made for touch screen devices. It’s a giant fish in a very small pond that is the MOBA category on touchscreen devices. If the pond grows into an ocean, it’s only because of this game. Super Evil Megacorp’s (SEM) Vainglory […]

  • image_predictive-analytics1-700x300_copy

    PvP Could Increase Your Game Revenue by 510%

    The key to success and drawing revenue for any game is to be fun to play. Shocking huh? I’m sure you had already figured that out on your own. What you might not be entirely aware of is the importance engagement has over game revenue, and a simple way to improve it. A recent study […]