Guest Posts
  • Match-3 Video Ad Retention

    Rewarded Video: Retention Impact in Match-3 Games

    Editor’s note: the following article is a guest post from Yaniv Nizan, co-founder and CEO of Monetization Measurement Platform, Soomla. The original report is available to download here: video ads retention study in mobile games (PDF). The Purpose of this Study Rewarded video ads can have a positive or negative impact on retention – depending who you ask. […]

  • Data Visualization in Games

    Data visualization augments cognition. Data visualization provides new insights; data visualization teaches the reader. Games, at their core, are all about learning: spatial, temporal, motor, and sometimes even intellectual. You learn how to play within a game’s rule-set, and to improve you learn. Once you completely master a game to the core, it ceases to […]

  • Create your Push Notification Strategy

    Earlier, I covered why it’s important to send good push notifications to your users and how to do it. Now you know how to craft valuable messages for gamers, it’s time to take a step forward and learn about how important the underlying notification strategy really is. Maybe you’re wondering: Why bother with push notifications? […]

  • Best Practices for Push Notifications in Mobile Games

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post from David Xicota, former Co-Founder of Gamedonia, and current Studio Director of GSN Games. You can reach him on Twitter @davidxicota So, What’s the Right Way to Send Push Notifications? Sending messages via push has become a business standard in mobile games. “Hey! Your pets miss you.” To […]

  • How Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Made the A-List

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the phenomenon that is Glu Mobile’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (iOS / Android). Even if you haven’t played the game yourself, you’ve almost certainly entered its orbit. It inspired intellectual criticism that foreshadowed GamerGate! It generated discussion about the value […]

  • Quit the Grind: Other Ways to “Level”

    In many RPGs you reach a point when battles are neither novel nor challenging, when you’re just going through the motions for gold or experienceーalso known as grinding. It can kill any momentum the game had going, and it turns play into work. The problem is that grinding is hard to avoid in the standard […]

  • Soft touches on Clash of Clans monetization

    I’ve met a lot of fellow free-to-play-game developers recently and talking about games always eventually turns to monetization. Talking about monetization inevitably turns to the big successes in the market, including Clash of Clans. I love Clash’s monetization design, as it’s very simple to understand from the player’s perspective. It doesn’t enforce payment at any […]

  • The Golden Curve: Determining Player Value in Freemium Apps

    It is impossible to perfectly know the value of a user before they stop playing the game. You can only estimate it, i.e. make a statement about the probable value of a user. This is where the Golden Curve comes in, and Julian Runge tells you all about it in this article.