• Common GameAnalytics Questions

    6 Game Analytics Questions: Answered by Data Scientists

    Over the past 4 years, we’ve responded to more than 6000 questions from your inquiring minds. Hats off to our fantastic support team. We’ve decided to put together a list of the 6 questions that are most often sent our way and provide a more detailed investigation and answer for each of them. We hope […]

  • Create1

    Create your Push Notification Strategy

    Earlier, I covered why it’s important to send good push notifications to your users and how to do it. Now you know how to craft valuable messages for gamers, it’s time to take a step forward and learn about how important the underlying notification strategy really is. Maybe you’re wondering: Why bother with push notifications? […]

  • learn1

    Learn the Push Notifications Best Practices

    Sending messages via push has become a business standard in mobile games. “Hey! Your pets miss you.” To which I reply: I don’t really care, don’t distract me with this messages again! *push notifications=switched off* This kind of messaging can be annoying most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be like this. There […]

  • Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog!

    We’re truly happy to have you! You’re in superb company. The GameAnalytics Blog has more than 30,000 monthly readers, and around 10,000 newsletter readers, and growing steadily. If you would like to get our news on a weekly, we suggest you sign up to our newsletter, that way you’ll be the first to get our […]

  • clash_blog

    Soft touches on Clash of Clans monetization

    I’ve met a lot of fellow free-to-play-game developers recently and talking about games always eventually turns to monetization. Talking about monetization inevitably turns to the big successes in the market, including Clash of Clans. I love Clash’s monetization design, as it’s very simple to understand from the player’s perspective. It doesn’t enforce payment at any […]

  • image_predictive-analytics1-700x300_copy

    PvP Could Increase Your Game Revenue by 510%

    The key to success and drawing revenue for any game is to be fun to play. Shocking huh? I’m sure you had already figured that out on your own. What you might not be entirely aware of is the importance engagement has over game revenue, and a simple way to improve it. A recent study […]

  • numbers

    Becoming a Games Analyst

    For the first time on the GameAnalytics blog, Roy Hwang suggest what everyone should read before jumping into games analysis. This post outlines the process of becoming a viable games analyst, while also keeping an eye out for the most valuable resources out there.

  • gameHack

    How to Detect and Prevent In-App Purchase Hacks

    In-App Purchase hacks do not affect your game revenue as much as they affect game analytics coherence. This could lead to you taking incorrect game design and monetization decisions. Read this post to find out how you can limit them.