The 5 Essentials of a Top Performing Game App Store Page

With more than 500 games submitted to the App Store every day, it’s hard to imagine a more competitive environment to get noticed. That’s why every little improvement to your listing is particularly important. With an average conversion rate of 4.47% (for games on the iOS App Store), even the smallest of changes can be hugely […]

App Marketing

10 Common App Marketing Mistakes

Overview As of 2017 you can find almost 5.3 million iOS and Android mobile apps in App Stores which makes mobile app marketing a huge challenge for new mobile app developers and mobile app marketers. The mobile apps market is highly developed and an increasing challenge for developers with Google Play adding almost 50 000 […]

No Budget

Marketing Your Indie Game On A Zero-Dollar Budget

Why Marketing Your Game is Essential Most indie games are not profitable. There are plenty of great games that come out all the time, and as you know, making great games is not enough to sell them. It’s true for all kinds of creations and products. You can rarely rely on what you make to […]