• No Budget

    Marketing Your Indie Game On A Zero-Dollar Budget

    Why Marketing Your Game is Essential Most indie games are not profitable. There are plenty of great games that come out all the time, and as you know, making great games is not enough to sell them. It’s true for all kinds of creations and products. You can rarely rely on what you make to […]

  • Funnels Reporting Illustration

    A Deep Dive into Funnel Reporting for Games

    Funnels are a way of visualizing and measuring how your players move through a sequence of events, or ‘steps’. A well-configured funnel gives insight into which of these steps lose the most players, whether your paths to conversion are optimized, and whether your players are progressing through your game as intended. The aim of this […]

  • 8 ways of spotting and fixing the reasons why players are leaving your game

    The following article is based on a previous one we published on the GameAnalytics blog: 16 reasons players are leaving your game, which you can find here, written by Nathan Lovato. This article has been trending on our blog, and it’s a hot topic among developers who are looking to optimize their user experience. Considering this, we’ve […]

  • How to identify whales in your game

    Monetization has been a hot topic in the games industry over the past years, ever since the rise of free to play games. How to optimize monetization, how to define correct pricing buckets or how to better convert players are just a few of the widely discussed questions concerning the topic. In this article, however, […]

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Mobile User Acquisition

    App discovery is tough. With over 1,500,000 apps in each of the App Store and Google Play, standing out from the crowd takes some work. Most game developers will need to spend some marketing dollars on paid user acquisition in order to be successful. Below are the seven deadly sins of mobile user acquisition, and […]

  • App store optimization for games

    App Store Optimization for Game Developers

    App Store Optimization, or ASO, is an essential marketing tactic for most game developers. App Store Optimization refers to improving an app’s keywords, description and other attributes in order to rank higher in that marketplace’s search results. Making your app more visible on its respective platform earns valuable organic (unpaid) downloads. What’s better than free […]

  • Exploring Games from the Creator’s Perspective

    There are a few ways we can go about improving our understanding of game design. We can read books, articles, watch talks… We can also analyze games! In this article, I want to explore with you an efficient analysis process, for learning purposes. It is about exploring games with a creator’s eye. For scholars or […]

  • All you need to know about KPIs Banner

    Everything you need to know about interpreting KPIs

    As independent game designers, we generally want to focus on creating games. Sales and marketing related domains often feel foreign to us. Yet, to make a living, we do have to think as a company sometimes. Once we know how to make games, we have to learn how to market and sell them. On a […]

  • Know your players

    Why now’s the time to get to know your players

    Marketing is a dirty word within the walls of many independent developers. Even for those who acknowledge it’s something they should be doing, it’s still often a task tackled right at the last minute – a reluctant last tick on a checklist. As with any job handled in a half hearted manner, however, it often […]

  • Why it’s important to keep your initial players happy

    In our last data science report on what makes a game successful we looked at the evolution of key game metrics over 90 days after launch, across 400+ games. (If you haven’t read that already, we definitely think you should before going forward with this one.) One of our findings was that most successful games […]