• Adobe Air

    GameAnalytics Now Available for Games Built with Adobe Air

    We’re pleased to announce another integration that brings GameAnalytics to even more developers. If you’re building games with the Adobe AIR runtime you can now implement our GameAnalytics SDK to understand how players interact with your game, totally free of charge. Setup is quick and simple. In less than 5 minutes you should be able to […]

  • GameAnalytics for GameMaker

    GameAnalytics is Now Available for GameMaker Studio

    We’re happy to report that our brilliant engineers have added yet another integration to the GameAnalytics mix; a free and lightweight SDK for the GameMaker engine. To download it, or just to have a general peek, visit our Github page here: GameAnalytics SDK for GameMaker. This page also contains documentation outlining the key steps to […]

  • GDC Ticket Giveaway

    Your Chance to Win a Free Expo Pass at GDC 2017!

    The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is taking place next week in San Francisco (Feb 27 – 3 March 2017). As always, it looks set to be an extra special event packed with interesting talks, gaming scoops and cool individuals. This year, we’ll be attending GDC in collaboration with Mobvista. If you’re already planning on going, […]

  • GameAnalytics SDK for Tizen

    GameAnalytics Is Now Available for Tizen Devices!

    We’re pleased to announce that you can now integrate GameAnalytics with Tizen devices. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Tizen is an open source, standards-based operating system originally developed for Samsung mobile phones in 2012. Since then, Tizen has evolved into a flexible and popular platform for a wide range of interconnected […]

  • We’re Hiring!

    We’re Hiring!

    At GameAnalytics, our goal is to create the world’s best player monitoring and analytics platform for game developers. We have a rapid expansion plan for 2017 and we’re looking to hire fun and talented people to fill a number of roles, from software engineering to customer support. We want to build a powerhouse team of smart, friendly […]

  • Frontend Developer

    How We Built GameAnalytics (An Interview)

    Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, GameAnalytics turned 5 years old. What better way to commemorate this landmark than by interviewing our senior frontend developer and SDK team lead, Nikolaj Pedersen. Nikolaj has been with us from the beginning and his work has been essential in the development of the tool that you know and […]

  • GameAnalytics Now Available for HTML5/Javascript Games

    With our latest update, you can now use GameAnalytics to get real-time player insights for HTML5/JavaScript browser games or game engines. Now you can build amazing games across web, desktop and mobile in the language you know and love and track player behavior across all environments in one place. Javascript is a powerful and flexible […]

  • We’re Opening a GameHub in Copenhagen

    Get ready. We’re opening the doors of our Copenhagen office to the Danish gaming industry for 2017. The center, aptly named the ‘GameHub’, will act as a shared office space ideal for gaming professionals to learn from one another. At a fair price, we will provide free coffee, fast WiFi and big meeting rooms in a […]

  • Leadwerks Game Engine 4.2 Released

    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.2 is now available on Steam. This update adds new features to make game development easier than ever. The full product is on sale with an 80% discount until January 2nd, during the Steam winter sale. Compatible with GameAnalytics Version 4.2 integrates analytics into Leadwerks games with a free GameAnalytics account. This allows […]

  • Analytics Dashboard

    We’ve Got New Navigation!

    Reporting in GameAnalytics just got a whole lot easier We have an early present for you. Today we launched our latest upgrade to the GameAnalytics tool: navigation designed to make your life easier. This is one of the biggest changes we’ve made to the interface in the last year – take it as a sign […]