Keith Andrew

Based in the UK, for the last eight years Keith has been covering the gaming and tech scene for a variety of different publications, such as Pocket Gamer,, Develop, VG247, GamesTM, and many others.

There are many games in which the mantra “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again” appears to have been designed into their very core.

So many titles require repeated playthroughs before you can get to grips with them, the various hurdles and challenges unclear until you’ve tracked through their stages and mapped out the dangers in your path. Especially few are the games, of course, that don’t play up to such an approach: in an era where retention is the order of the day, letting the player make the mistakes they need to make and die a few times before they take on the stage for real and conquer all before them is a fairly standard approach.

Perhaps developers are so understanding because many of them are undertaking much the same process themselves. For them, the soft launch has become that nervy run through of a fresh new level that, as gamers, we’re all so used to. The soft launch is the full on dress rehearsal, the run through that tells you what’s working and more importantly what isn’t, who is playing and who isn’t, and just how your game performs with real life, representative consumers.

And we should know. We’re a data company. For us, the soft launch is Mecca – the perfect playing ground to amass all the kind of numbers that we live and breath on a daily basis. Little wonder, then, that helping developers both soft launch and launch their games is an area that, today, we’re announcing we’re moving into.

With Runway, we want to help indie developers benefit from the perfect preparation ahead of a full on launch, picking up all the data they need to truly take flight. After all, this is exactly what the Supercells and the Kings of this world are doing, taking their games and testing them out in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland, finding out how they perform, and then refining – or even canning – them as they fit. In the modern mobile era, smash hits from the big boys may seem inevitable, but in reality one of the key weapons in their arsenal is being able to try out their game with thousands of gamers before unleashing it to the rest of the world.

Runway is our move to give the world’s smaller, but equally talented studios that same advantage, that same boost. Using our foundations in data and understanding key metrics, we want to take good games and help them get to grips with the realities of the mobile market by giving them the analytics they need to make their games better. To keep players on board for longer. To improve their chances of success. To level the playing field.

We can’t guarantee that the data you amass in a soft launch won’t highlight all kinds of problems with your game that, perhaps, you’d rather turn a blind eye too, but far too many developers are throwing money, time and resources into a pool without ever seeing the benefit. The soft launch is not an easy exercise, but the benefits of being given a vital insight into what works and what doesn’t in your game before you unleash it upon the rest of the world is priceless. Mobile may be a relatively easy sector to code for, but if you actually want to make a living from your games, life on iOS and Android is only getting more difficult.

So we present Runway to you. We think our handle of analytics, our tools and our platform can make the difference. We want to work with talent, we want to work with developers passionate about mobile, and we want to work with studios that realise the commercial realities of modern day mobile.

No publisher can guarantee you success, but rather than being little more than logo slapped onto your game’s title screen, we believe we have something of real value to offer indies eager for success.

This is Runway. The sky’s the limit. Apply Now!

Keith Andrew

Based in the UK, for the last eight years Keith has been covering the gaming and tech scene for a variety of different publications, such as Pocket Gamer,, Develop, VG247, GamesTM, and many others.

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