Learn how to analyse your players

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Written by Jacqueline Zenn

Mastering The Art And Science Of A Mobile Game Soft Launch

Defining The Soft Launch Essentially, a soft launch is releasing the initial version of the game that’s ready for the public  in a limited geographic area and with a fairly tight marketing budget. It’s meant to assess the potential audience, work out any bugs, and make any tweaks that might be necessary for the game […]

Learn how to analyse your players

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How To Make Your Game UI Shine & Increase Conversions

Written by Nathan Lovato

How to Perfect your Game’s Core Loop

At the heart of your game’s design, there are core mechanics, and the core gameplay loop. In short, it’s the main activities that structure the entire design and the players engage into repeatedly, in a looping sequence. It’s part of the essence of the game, something you cannot remove without fundamentally altering the experience. In […]

Meet GameAnalytics at ChinaJoy 2017 in Shanghai!

ChinaJoy 2017 is taking place in Shanghai at the end of the month (27-29th July) and the GameAnalytics team will be present as a proud member of the Mobvista family. Come find us at booth W4, M102. ChinaJoy is one of the most important events in the digital entertainment industry and attracts more than 60,000 […]

How to Grow a Gaming Community (When You Don’t Have Players)

When you get started with social networks, it’s tough. Nobody follows you. Nobody reads you. Nobody knows you! How do other game developers get those thousands of followers? 2 years ago, no one knew me either. I was terrible at communication, and I didn’t like it. Back then, I had failed a company, largely due […]


Our 9 Sound Design Tips to Improve your Game’s Audio

We barely touched on sound, yet it’s an important part of the game’s experience: It gives cues to the player that will help him to react to the world. For example, you can hint the presence of some NPC behind a wall or inside a building. Or let the player know that an enemy is […]

How to Budget your Mobile Indie Game

It’s hard to estimate the amount of work required to produce a game from start to finish. We know it can be costly. It turns out there’s not a lot of information on the topic out there, thus it’s hard to schedule a project right. That’s why we asked independent studios to share some advice […]


Being Successful in Free to Play Games: Atelier 801 Interview

We got in touch Melanie Christin, the co-founder of Atelier 801, an independent game studio that produced the massively multiplayer Free to Play title Transformice. Its community has been extremely active since 2011, the year of its initial release. We asked her for tips and feedback on the company’s experience. Melanie, can you tell me who […]

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