Upgrade from V1 to V2

What is V1 and V2?

In 2015 (Q2) we released a new version of events which brought to you plenty of new features such as Resource events, Progression events, In-App Purchase Validation and so on. V1 is the legacy system while V2 is the latest version. In order to use these feature as well as the tool at its full potential all you need to do is to use the V2 SDK corresponding to your SDK.

Who should upgrade?

All games that are sending V1 events should upgrade to a V2 instrumentation. In the table below we have listed all versions of SDKs that are sending V1 events and also, the upgraded version of the SDK which you should switch to.

V1 SDK Corresponding latest V2 SDK Platforms supported in V2 instrumentations
Unity 0.x.x Unity SDK Windows, Mac, Linux, WebGL, iOS, tvOS, UWP, Tizen, Universal Windows 8 and Android
iOS 1.x.x and lower iOS SDK iOS
Android 1.x.x and lower Android SDK Android
Flash 2.0.2 and lower Adobe Air non-GA SDK iOS and Android
Corona 0.x.x Corona SDK iOS, tvOS, Android
REST API v1 integrations REST API V2 iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Roku, Tizen, Nacl, Mac OSX, tvOS, WebPlayer, PS4, XboxOne, UWP (All), WebGL, Xbox360, PS3, PSM, Vita, WII, Samsung TV, Linux, WatchOS

Why should I upgrade?

  • We plan to support only V2 events in the near future. We will try to shut down the V1 events as smooth as possible and only when everyone is ready.
  • You will have access to all the latest features in GA to better track how users engage with the gameplay and also you will be able to view valid monetization metrics if you are targeting the Google Play Store or the App Store. Custom dimensions for A/B testing and much more are available only in V2.
  • We stopped maintaining all legacy SDKs.

We will keep on collecting data from V1 SDKs but the metrics will no longer be processed. The exact dates when we will stop processing the events for V1 events will be published here.

Forward any questions you might have to our support.

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