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We have done the hard work for you

You can start your analysis as soon as you’ve instrumented, with our range of predefined dashboards.

Use the Real-Time dashboard as soon as we receive your first event, and monitor players by the minute.

Features Checklist

GameAnalytics at a glance

A tool that’s easy to understand & works out of the box.

  • Built For Games

    Balance your levels and find out where your players grind.

    In-Game Economy

    Measure what your players are sinking their gold on and more.


    Measure your validated revenue on all IAP purchases.

    Aquisition tracking

    Enable our attribution partners integrations to enrich your analysis with UA campaign data.

  • Insightful Reports
    Essential KPIs

    Massive list of daily pre-computed metrics.

    Ready to go

    Start your analysis now, with our range of predefined dashboards.

    Real-time Data

    View players metrics by the minute, all in one place.


    Compare key metrics against thousands of games in our network

  • Make It Yours
    Custom Reports

    Create any dashboard and share it with your team.

    Custom Segmentation

    Setup up 3 custom player segments to filter your data by.

    Custom Events

    Track any relevant interaction with your game.

    Data Export

    Export the raw data, it's yours after all.

  • The Right Tools

    Any sequence of events by any segmentation.


    Powerful framework for data analysis.


    Isolated query mode for all your data.

    Rich Visualization

    Any piece of your data, clearly visualized and shared.

    Custom Segments (Beta)

    Break down your users for a more in-depth analysis of your game.

Connected Tools

Connect the tools you already use

We’ve partnered up with some of the leading attribution tools. More integrations are on the way.

Ready for take off?

Just sign up and start tracking player deaths, levels completed
or set up your own custom events in three simple steps.