Unity integration

The free GameAnalytics SDK for Unity is the easiest way to track player behavior. It can also render 3D heatmaps directly inside your levels.


3D heatmaps – like they belong

With the GameAnalytics SDK for Unity, you can visualize your game data as 3D heatmaps directly in the Scene View, where data points are rendered over the level architecture. This can help you identify bottlenecks and hotspots, as well as underused or overused areas of interest. Assess player attention, build user behavior scenarios and ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of a particular level design in order to optimize it.


Endless Customization

Filter and customize collected data to suit your needs. The 3D heatmap data rendered in the Scene View is also reflected in the Editor Inspector in the form of a 2D histogram. The GameAnalytics wrapper can easily render millions of points on screen, but you can directly tweak the amount of data that is visible using the histogram sliders. You can also specify exactly how data points are rendered by choosing a size and render model for them.


Developer-friendly Integration

Getting started with GameAnalytics is a matter of just a few clicks. The GameAnalytics SDK for Unity provides a step-by-step Setup Wizard that guides you through establishing functional communication with the GameAnalytics servers. Moreover, the wrapper package contains a game scene with a working example. Last but not least, the full documentation on how to write custom events is available on the GameAnalytics website.