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Get the perfect set of free tools that will help you
improve your game and climb up the ranks.


Spot-on Predefined Metrics

The predefined metrics featured by GameAnalytics are hand-picked by industry experts, so that you don’t have to lift a finger to answer your fundamental questions about engagement, conversion and revenue.

The minute you start submitting your data, we will begin processing them for you.

Flexible Custom Events

Define custom event hierarchies to model complex player interactions, level progressions, game economies – you name it.

You decide how you like to structure it and we allow you to drill-down and use the events in the visualizations.

Unlimited Dashboards and Widgets

Make GameAnalytics your own by creating custom dashboards and widgets to display only those metrics that matter to you.

All dashboards and widgets can be filtered by build, country, device and many more.


Explore your data

For any metric and custom event, we give you the opportunity to drill down into your data. Combined with multiple visualizations and table views, you can the full understanding of how your game is played.


Timely updates

The Real-time dashboard enables you to see your game data in an hour-by-hour resolution. This can help you keep track of your incoming events when you're integrating a game or you're running certain activities in your game.


Improve quality

We enable you to track each individual stack trace and exceptions along with other types of errors events to help you improve the quality of your game. Each stack trace and error event can be filtered by severity level and demographics such as device, build and country.


Powerful insights with Cohorts

Get a better understanding of retention and revenue by analyzing tendencies across user groups. With Cohorts you can measure how fast you start ramping up revenue or how well you engage your players.


Player progression in Funnels

Create complex player interaction scenarios, then see exactly how many of your players stick to them. Moreover, the GameAnalytics funnels calculate the average time between funnel steps, so that you can see exactly where players are having difficulties progressing. Any funnel you have created can be filtered by build or country.


Plays well with others

Immediately integrate GameAnalytics in your game using the official SDK's for the most wide-spread development platforms around: Unity3D, Corona, Flash, Android and iOS.

Using a custom solution? You can still integrate GameAnalytics through our REST API.

Grows with your game

If your game becomes the next indie sensation, you don’t have to worry about performance or storage issues.

GameAnalytics scales frictionlessly, with no limits on event traffic or active players.

Fast and dedicated support

We will assist you with any problems you might have with GameAnalytics – plus give you tips and tricks on how to use our tool.